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A Personal Coach, Life Coach & Peak Performance Coach based in Belfast, Chris has helped his clients achieve a range of goals by providing the tools and strategies to make change.

Web Design, Booing integration, Business & Marketing Consulting

CM Coaching Project


As a new business venture the website had to present a number of attributes and tone of voice such as credibility, trustworthiness, be welcoming and honest but direct.  Attracting the right client was crucial for Chris’sbusiness and ensuring actionable steps on the site to convert a visitor to a potential client.


Clear call to actions were created based upon the services offered such as skype sessoins, phone or face to face, to lead visitors through conversion funnels be informed actions.  One of those actions was to make a booking, facilitiated by an interated booking system.  A number of lifestyle photos were strategically placed on the site to reinforce trustworthiness, as well as scrolling testimonials, email list signups for free tips, guides and industry articles.  The colour scheme was calm, warm, nurturing but assertive and the tone of voice was direct and purposeful.

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