With over 30 years in business Glenhill provides quality Fires, Fireplaces, Stoves & Bathroom Products to local markets.  Having a premiere showroom offering VR 4D Design and a team of professional staff, the business grows from strength to strength.

Web Design, Development



Glenhill had an existing website but it was product intensive, the structure, navigation and UI was very complex.  Greater site accesibilty and ease of use was required with clear and obvious flow through the site.  This included strong calls to action and clarity in business services and product offerings.


The structure of the site ensured a clear and direct route and flow from the home page to other sections of the site. Importantly it flowed naturally to product offerings and 4D Design services.  Big commanding hero sections of the site were needed to show the quality of the products with clear actions to either view ranges or book an appointment.

A bespoke content management system was created, so that product content and images could easily be updated by the business.  As a crucial extension of sales and marketing, a showroom appointment booking section was developed to invite visits from potential customers.


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