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“IP Group was set up with a mission to evolve great ideas, mainly from our partner universities, into world-changing businesses. We achieve this by systematically helping to create, build and support outstanding intellectual property-based companies.”

Web Design, Development, RSVP, Email APIs

HardScience-IP-Group Proejct


The Hard Science Innnovation Foruma is held annually and recent years in Philadelphia.  An opportunity for scientists, business leaders and founders to network and share ideas and information.  As a reult a n event website was required to showcase the forum.  A key requirement was an RSVP system that could communicate with, invite and montior the 700 invitees.


On the front end of the site the agenda for the fourm, speakers and their bios were displayed and cross linked via the activites they were involved.

An RSVP system was implemented in the backend, which housed the invitees in separate lists to RSVP and were tracked based upon their responses.  The system needed to have autoresponder follow-up reminder notifications.  A RSVP section of the site was implemented and invitees were able to confirm their attendance a front interface and could change their answer at any stage.  Additionally, other questions could be asked via the system and invitees could submit their answers within the RSVP sections.  Making sure the delivery rates were crucial to this project and a 3rd party email API was set up to snure deliverability, therefore it monitored deliveries, bounces and anomolies.

agenda schedule snippet

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