Vox Financial Partners

“Vox Financial Partners are regulatory change specialists who work in the top tiers of global banking.   With locations in New York, London & Belfast,  we are a boutique firm with deep expertise – and work with the very best companies in the industry.”

Web Design, API Integration



Vox FP wanted a redesign of their existing site to give it a facelift due to an upcoming rebrand and new product launch initiaitive. The site was to showcase their new product offerings, their existing service offerings and be a source of ongoing recruitment drives.


 Due to the nature of the industry and product offerings, a number of graphical elements were designed to purposefully and visually display processes and specific information to make them distinct and clear to visitors.

Both colours and structure were carefully decided based on impact and ease of use.  An API integration was in place for the careers page.  Each product section had ample technical information, which needed to be translated graphically for visitors.  Product case studies needed to be user friendly and effective via scrolling elements.  Additionally, strong calls to actions such as PDF download, watch a video or request a demo had to be prevelent.


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